The Indonesian College Students Make Solar Power Electric Bicycle

VIVA Otomotif: Sepeda listrik tenaga surya
VIVA Otomotif: Sepeda listrik tenaga surya
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VIVA – The college student from Indonesia of Malang Muhammadiyah University (UMM), Brilly Eldon Fachrudin along with nine of his partners has managed to develop a solar power electric bicycle. The solar electric bicycle by Brilly and his team was able to perfect the concept raised by his seniors and was considered satisfactory.

If the previous generation has not been able to stabilize the incoming power, thank God our team successfully discovered and solved the problem," Brilly stated in the official statement, on January 23, 2023.

Brilly explained how the electric bike works. Brilly said that the solar energy collected by the solar panel is directly channeled to the battery, then the engine, and finally to the controller which connects the dynamo to the throttle.

"From sunlight connected to the controller to stabilize the input current to the battery, meanwhile from the battery [the current] will be channeled to the engine via the controller. This is to connect between the dynamo and the throttle setting so that the current discharged by the battery can be stable," Brilly explained.

Sepeda listrik tenaga surya buatan mahasiswa UMM

Sepeda listrik tenaga surya buatan mahasiswa UMM

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Furthermore, Brilly and his team also conducted trials of the electric bike during the night, when there is no sunlight or input current. The bike manages to continue operating using energy stored from daylight.

As a result, the electric bike successfully traveled 12 kilometers from Sawojajar to Campus III UMM on Jalan Raya Tlogo Mas. The trip spent three power bars out of the maximum five.

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