A Crocodile Can Run Fast, Faster than Most People

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Ilustrasi buaya.
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VIVA – Not only agile in the water, but it also turns out that a crocodile can run faster than most people, even at 17 km/hour. The average crocodile runs at 12 km/h on its belly when around swamps and muddy banks. However, when they are on land crocodiles can run more than 17 km/h.

There are many species of crocodiles in the world and they fall into two categories: saltwater crocodiles and freshwater crocodiles. Most of the crocodiles in Africa are Nile crocodiles and inhabit freshwater. Saltwater and Nile crocodiles are the two known to be the cause of most human death

Nile crocodiles and saltwater crocodiles are also the fastest species capable of reaching top running speeds of up to 17 km/hour. However, all crocodiles are known to run at high speeds for short distances only, usually 30-40 meters at a time.

Why crocodile can run fast?

Ilustrasi buaya.

Ilustrasi buaya.

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Crocodiles may seem slow, but they use their size and strength to run. There are two ways crocodiles run on land while getting around. The first is a kind of gallop on solid ground. They use their hind and front legs in sync. They start running off the ground on their hind legs and then land on their front legs.

As the front feet land, they arch their body so that the back feet fall almost parallel to the front feet and the method is then repeated.

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